Australians are bearing an increasing share
of health costs out of their own pockets,
in contrast to most other countries.

Bailon, Neuroblastoma Cancer

RAISED $12,513

About Us

What is PeoplePledge?

PeoplePledge is an award-winning online fundraising platform that helps Australians fundraise
for a loved one with an illness or disability.

PeoplePledge helps Australians who are:

  1. Struggling to pay for medical bills and other medical expenses due to lack of money and increased medical costs.
  2. Experiencing unexpected medical emergencies such as accidents and injuries.
  3. Wanting to provide their loved ones with the best quality medical care.

Our Story

When Matthew’s family made the heart-breaking decision to forego life-saving cancer treatment for his grandfather Benito, due to financial hardship, he knew something had to change.

After Benito’s passing, Matthew and Phuong decided that families should never feel that they cannot afford the best quality medical care for their loved ones due to costly medical expenses.

PeoplePledge was created to help Australians fundraise online to cover medical expenses for their loved one in need. It is a platform for family and friends to give support.

PeoplePledge aims to help Australian families have the ability to make the best choices for their loved one’s health, without comprising due to the financial burden that can come with illness, disability or accidents.

The Founders

From a young age, Matthew and Phuong were leaders and volunteers in Western Sydney. Their passion to create social impact grew when Matthew became an international humanitarian worker for the United Nations World Food Programme and Phuong worked as a social worker.

Both Matthew and Phuong started PeoplePledge to work directly with families who needed medical assistance but could not afford treatment.

In 2013, Matthew and Phuong were the winners of the Pride of Australia Medal, after being nominated by families who used PeoplePledge to raise funds for medical expenses.

In 2014, the founders were selected as the 30 under 30 entreprenuers awards. PeoplePledge was the winner of the SMART 100 Innovations award by Ant Hill Australia.