3 Benefits Of Fundraising Online

3 Benefits Of Fundraising Online


There are major benefits of fundraising online for a loved one with a disability or illness.

We’ve outlined three of the core benefits for fundraising online and why you should consider doing so for a loved one you know!

1. Extended reach to potential donors

Reaching family, friends and your community is easier said than done. With traditional methods of fundraising such as auctions, events and stalls, you heavily rely on timing and location. This means, you are restricted by the location of the fundraiser and the date and time you hold the fundraiser.

For individuals who wanted to donate but could not attend, chasing up their donations might be a hard task to do. You will also find that there is a higher chance of potential donors who do not end up donating purely because they could not attend the fundraiser or who did not have money at the time they passed your event.

With online fundraising however, you are only clicks away from donating, making it comparatively easier for donors to get on board. Adding your online fundraiser details to other fundraisers you are holding also gives an easy step for interested donors who cannot attend a fundraiser to still donate.

It’s also incredibly easy for people to share your fundraiser via email, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and give further support by telling their friends about your fundraiser. As a result, you will be able to reach donors that you would of not imagined to beforehand. Instead of being limited by just your intimidate family and friends, you are now able to reach people across the whole world in an instant.

2. Cost-effective collection

Time spend organizing traditional methods of fundraisers can cost money too! Preparing the event and fundraiser can be expensive. There is also a risk that you are taking when creating an offline fundraiser as you are unsure how many people will attend and what your expected donations will amount to.

Online fundraising offers an alternative that is cost effective in both out of pocket costs and time. Fundraising at PeoplePledge for example, won’t cost you anything until you receive a donation or pledge. This reduces the risk on your end.

Gone are the days when collecting funds for a cause can be tedious, confusing and complicated. With online fundraising individuals are able to collect funds in a effective way where by the online fundraising system does all the work for you. It will keep track of how much you’ve raised, your goal and who donated what amount. Why is this important? It helps encourage donors to give more and for you to get the most out of your fundraiser.

For many fundraisers, the ability to easily say thank you to their donors is really important. Keeping accountable for all the funds and making sure that there is a clear goal for donors is also important.

3. The ability to create, adjust, and update almost instantaneously

The ease of being able to create a fundraiser trumps organising an offline fundraiser. You can also easily adjust and update supporters instantaneously in one go.

For many fundraisers, time is an important factor. However, being able to modify and update your donors, supporters and networks all at once, means that you are able to save time and therefore be able to focus more on getting more donations, but more importantly, spending time with your loved one who you are fundraising for.

This reduces stress, frustration and time on many levels, which at the end of the day makes it easier to cope with the medical emergency you are facing.

photo by: HowardLake