3 Forms of Breast Cancer Support

3 Forms of Breast Cancer Support

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According to Cancer Australia, breast cancer is the second leading cancer-related cause of death in Australia. This is supported by other studies that have found that 1 in 8 Australian women will be at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime.

This year alone in 2013, it is estimated that there will be 14,940 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia. This will increase by 2020, where it is estimated that there will be 17,210 new cases of breast cancer incidences for Australian women. A growing number of men will also be diagnosed with breast cancer, with 113 men diagnosed in 2008.

From understanding these statistics, it is easy to understand why breast cancer support options are important. You may be diagnosed with breast cancer in your lifetime, or know someone who is close to you who has breast cancer. People Pledge has highlighted 3 forms of breast cancer support that can be helpful for women and men who are diagnosed each year with breast cancer.

1) Charity Support

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There are a large number of Australian charities that deal with breast cancer related causes. An example of this is the Breast Cancer Network Australia. This charity works with women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to provide them with:

– Support: Speak, share and read from other breast cancer survivors and patients via their online blog and forum systems.

– Information: The Breast Cancer Network Australia provides the most up to date information you can get for patients and their families. This is helpful to understand the disease but to also find out more about new treatments, research and studies that can give light on your breast cancer journey.

– Services: The Breast Cancer Network Australia also connects you to a range of relevant services for treatment and support.

2) Independent Support Groups

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Although there are charities that can provide support, there are also a number of Australian support groups available. These support groups can be either online for easy access across Australia or within your own community. For information about support groups around your area, contact you local breast cancer related charity, community groups or start one yourself to connect with Australians who are going through a similar experience as you are. These support groups are helpful to seek real advice from breast cancer survivors, hear inspirational stories or to have a healthy avenue to vent out.

3) Financial Support

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We’ve already outlined two of the main types of breast cancer support individuals can easily find. This included educational support and emotional support. However, anyone who has had breast cancer or is currently diagnosed with breast cancer will understand the financial stress that comes as a result.

There are government grants and schemes that can help give you concession prices for medicine or an ongoing allowance while you seek treatment and help for breast cancer. However, another effective way to ease the financial burden that comes with having breast cancer is to fundraise within your own network. A lot of the times, family, friends and event workmates will want to help in the best way possible. Providing you with a donation to show their support can be a great way for you to minimize the burden so that you can focus more on getting better rather than stressing about your finances.