3 Ways To Get Financial Assistance For Brain Cancer Patients

3 Ways To Get Financial Assistance For Brain Cancer Patients

Brain Tumor: What Treatment Could Cost

Brain cancer is the most common lethal disease in Australia and accounts for most of the children deaths from any sickness. Approximately 1600 brain cancers are diagnosed annually in Australia; that is roughly one person diagnosed with brain cancer every five hours. Brain cancer, beside its high incidence, costs more per patient than any other cancer.

An average cost of cancer to a household is around $50,000 per person, although this cost varies substantially by age and gender and by cancer type, and this cost can range to up to nearly $300,000 for males with brain cancer.

There are also many out-of-pocket expenses for patients and their families. Besides diagnosis and treatment, other costs related to brain tumor may include: travel to and from treatment, psychological support, home aid, rehabilitation, follow-up care etc.

There are many ways one can begin to seek for financial assistance when it comes to treatment to patients with brain cancer.

Medical Fundraising

Medical fundraising helps other hear or read about your problem. There are many people which are struggling with obtaining finances on the cost of medical treatments, emergency procedures, medications, and therapy.

One of the ways of the people to get to know about your story is to create a medical fundraiser online. There are many web pages especially dedicated to creating medical fundraisers online, which connect those in need of financial assistance with potential donors.

The use of social and traditional media for medical fundraising is an evitable segment of getting the needed funds for expensive conditions such as the brain cancer. Go public, create and share your story.

Non-Profit Organizations for financial assistance

There are many non-profit organizations that can provide financial aid to patients and patient families. They can provide assistance with obtaining the treatment itself, as well as to contribute to patient costs for getting to and back from treatment centers, as well as to provide help with organizing medical fundraising events.

Cancer Council Australia is one of the largest groups of “all cancer” NGOs, and can assist with transport and accommodation costs and in some cases can provide accommodation for regional patients and their carers travelling a long distance for treatment. They also put people undergoing treatment in touch with organizations that provide financial counselling and can link patients with utility providers and telecoms who may be able to offer bill payment assistance programs.

Brain Cancer Grants for financial assistance

There are ways to get money for support projects for patients living with brain cancer. One such organization is Tour de Cure which provides assistance grants for individuals.

Other resources that can provide financial assistance to patients and their families may include: governmental agencies that can provide help, pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications, nursing care, etc. Talk to a social worker or welfare worker about what financial and practical support services are available and talk to your local Medicare office about the ‘safety net’ on costs of medications and medical bills.

You may be able to get help with the cost of travel and accommodation needed for treatment. Each state and territory has a government-funded scheme to help patients who have to travel long distances to obtain specialist treatment that is not available locally.


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