5 Benefits For Setting Up A Fundraiser

5 Benefits For Setting Up A Fundraiser

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Creating a fundraiser has many benefits. Often when a family member or friend is thinking of creating a fundraiser for a loved one, there are many considerations to think about. These include consent, if the beneficiary feels comfortable with the idea and the overall purpose of the fundraiser. Here are five benefits of creating a fundraiser that have proven to be beneficial for other Australian families who have fundraised.

1) Increase Health And Well-Being Of A Loved One

The most important goal should be about the health and well-being of a loved one in need. Whether it is an ongoing medical expense or a sudden diagnosis of a disease, fundraisers are valuable to help you get through the process. Sometimes increasing the health and well-being of a loved one is limited by the amount of money you have.

For example, if you do have private health insurance that would normally cover majority of the cost to go to a private hospital for better care. For many Australian families, this may be a difficult decision, one that is often heart breaking when family members feel helpless or/and frustrated due to financial circumstances.

2) Pay For Medical Expenses

Fundraisers are important at this point in time because there may be new treatments or medicines that are available that could help improve the well-being of your loved. However, for most of these, the cost is not covered by the Australian government through Medicare. Individuals may opted for surgeries, operations, treatment and therapies that are not covered on Medicare or have larger gap fees to cover. Therefore having a fundraiser removes the problem of lack of funds that a family may experience.

The intention of the fundraiser therefore is to help cover the cost of medical expenses that may be short term or long term depending on your circumstance. For example, an Australian suffering from a heart condition may have immediate surgeries as well as long term affects that will need medication and other operations in the future.

3) Keeping The Family Together

For families living in rural and remote locations, keeping the family together becomes most important during a medical emergency. The unknown possibility of what’s to come or being unsure how long you have can make family members want to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones.

As a result, family members may have to become full time carers, go on leave from employment, travel far distances and cover the cost of accommodation and other related expenses just to be close to their loved one.

Creating a fundraiser provides the availability to do so without feeling stressed or overwhelmed in the process. Families can stick together and focus on the health and well-being of their loved one but also spend as much time as possible together. This becomes the upmost importance for individuals with terminal illnesses.

4) Getting Support And Help

Sometimes we need a little push to ask for help. It is an experience that many individuals can feel uncomfortable about. However, it is important to remain focus on the whole point of the fundraiser. Reaching out to family, friends and other loved ones when a loved one falls ill is a natural thing to do. It is not begging or pleading that you are after. It is simply providing an avenue for people who are already interested in giving you support, a impactful way to give the best support for you and your family.

5) Minimise Stress

Organising a fundraiser typically can be very overwhelming especially during an emotional and stressful time for your family. However, with the availability of online fundraisers, the stress of creating a fundraiser no longer exists. Professional websites such as PeoplePledge, help families across Australia to create fundraising pages online.

This provides an easy way to reach out to family, friends and your community at your time of need. It also allows you to keep up to date with your fundraiser at all times.

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