7 steps to run a successful kidney transplant fundraising campaign online

7 steps to run a successful kidney transplant fundraising campaign online

In this article, we take you through some of the ideas that will help you with kidney transplant fundraising; we hope that you find it useful when planning your kidney transplant fundraising campaign online.

1. Set up an online fundraiser

Online fundraising websites are essentially of two types, including the non-profit sites and the for-profit sites. Non-profit fundraising websites run fundraising for free but these are rare to find. Many of these organisations to not have the capacity or time to run online websites for the public. For-profit websites charge a small fee on the donations you receive; understandably, they need it for administrative purposes. There are also however, free for-profit websites for kidney transplant fundraising such as PeoplePledge.

Once you decide upon the website, you need to sign up with them. Then, you need to create your fundraising page by writing about yourself, the diagnosis, and the reason you are seeking financial assistance. It is a good idea to include your picture or a video to give your page a personal touch. In addition, you need to set a fundraising goal which reflects the amount of money you are looking at to be raised.

2. Spreading the word

You may use social media to propagate your fundraiser. You may include an interesting fact about transplantation in your Facebook status or your Tweet and include the link to your fundraising page. Here is an example: Chronic kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. Please help make a difference: .

Also, you could send an email to your family, friends, and colleagues about your fundraising and seek their help. Consider the following structure to writing an effective email:

Introduce your readers to the fundraising goal (You may talk about the chronic kidney disease, its implications, and the benefits of transplantation. Once you have familiarized the readers to the disease impact, it is possible that the reader will visit your fundraising page. Do not forget to include the link to your page.)

Discuss that donations could be life-changing.

Write about the challenges involved in the kidney transplant fundraising; this might help the potential donors to see that you are working hard to making it happen.

Include your fundraising goal and how much you have managed to raise so far.

Conclude with a thanking message.

Sometimes, you may have to follow-up; showing your potential donors that you are persistent with your efforts may be a good idea. Again, do not forget to include the link to your page.

3. Do it as a group at workplace

You may consider the following to tell your colleagues about your online fundraiser:

Conduct a health fair at work: Offer healthcare talks, healthy snacks, blood pressure and blood glucose checks at a nominal entry fee.

Save on your lunch for a week by not eating out or ordering in. You could ask your colleagues to do the same.

At an office party, pass on a charity bucket to collect donations. You could make an attractive sticker for the collection bucket; for example, you may use a nice illustration about the chronic kidney disease or kidney transplantation.

Organize an outdoor event such as golf tournament, tennis, or softball game. Entry fee can become charitable contribution. Set up a table of baked foods at the lunchroom. Change for treats can go into charity.

Donations you receive offline can be added to your online donations; you can state that it was raised offline through a fundraising event.

4. Sports-related fundraising

You may consider the following:

– Organize a family bowling night

– Organize a sports tournament (softball, basketball, soccer, etc) for family, friends and neighbors.

– Organize a fundraising walk or run

You may distribute leaflets that talk about your fundraising and how you are making it happen. You may include details and of course the link to your page and seek donations.

5. Ideas for youth

Youth and community groups can organize a weekend car wash at a community center or gas station. Lawn mowing for charity is another good idea. Also, one could distribute flyers and post on community boards about the fundraising and ask for donations.

6. Fantastic four fundraising ideas

Organize a dress down day at work or school. You can organize a raffle, ask your company for donations, or have a collection box on the reception desk.

You can think of organizing a coffee or tea party at home. Invite family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. You could hold tombola; charge people for entry; and organize a coffee themed quiz.

Conduct a fitness challenge event in your local gym, community center or sports center. Hold a raffle or auction. Invite friends and family to come and support the event; charge for refreshments.

Organize a celebrity dinner at a hotel, restaurant, marquee, or conference center. Invite family, friends, and colleagues; sell tickets; try to get the venue for free or at a discounted rate; check if local florists and supermarkets will donate items; ask if the restaurant would want to donate food; speak to a local DJ or a band if they would like to perform for free; and to make it more enjoyable for the participants, hold a dance competition!

7. Thank donors, volunteers, and everyone else who made kidney transplant fundraising possible

Write an impressive thank you message; make flyers and give it to people who attend the fundraising event. For online donors, you may send an online thanks note. Here is an example of a thank you message:

Thank you for choosing to support me with my fundraising.

The money you helped raise is going to change the life of someone for the better. I shall share with you the progress she is making through my blog. You have brightened up the day for someone and there can be nothing nobler than that.

I would like to add each one of you has made fundraising event much fun-filled; also, you have deeply contributed to the cause. Online donors have connected so well with the cause that reflects in their donations.

With all your support, my belief that I am not facing the hardship alone has faded into the conviction that together we can face any adversity. Thanks once again for instilling my life with faith and hope.


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