Australian Celebrities Living With Diabetes

Australian Celebrities Living With Diabetes

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To acknowledge Australia’s national diabetes week, the PeoplePledge team wanted to showcase a few examples of Australian celebrities who have been living with diabetes type 1 or type 2. These are just a few who you may know or even admire for their achievements. You’ll be surprised at just how many celebrities are living with diabetes. It will also help you get an insight on how celebrities are overcoming problems with diabetes.

Marcia Hines – Australian Award Winning singer – Type 1 Diabetes

“I don’t believe life dishes out more than you are able to deal with and since then I have been able to lead a normal and active life.”

Marcia Hines, known for iconic songs was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in 1986. Since then, she has managed to conquer the music industry with billboard charting hits, raising her daughter and making a name for herself in the Australian music industry.

Rod Kafer – Former Australian Wallaby Player And Now Commentator – Type 1 Diabetes

“Diabetes can either be a detriment to your life or an enhancer, everyone makes that choice, which is never easy. Not a day goes by without me wishing I did not have to have an injection, do a blood test, eat for the sake of eating or recover from the inevitable hypo.”

Rod Kafer battled with diabetes type 1 at an early age of 15 years old. Since then, he has been managing his diabetes well and still till this day priorities his health and wellbeing. Being fit kept him clear from the doctors, but also lead him towards his career in rugby.

Michael Moore – Australian Renowned Chef At The Summit – Type 2 Diabetes

“I exercise five or six times a week. When my trainer asked me ‘what do you want to achieve?’ I said, ‘to live as long as possible.”

Being a famous and popular chef, Michael Moore has always taken to heart his diabetes management. In fact, he has inspired other Australian diabetics who were struggling with food, with his newly published book entitled Blood Sugar (New Holland). The book contained easy to cook, delicious dishes that were all diabetic-friendly.