Australia’s National Elective Surgery Waiting Times For Ophthalmology

Australia’s National Elective Surgery Waiting Times For Ophthalmology

In 2006, a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare highlights eye health in Australia.

What Is The National Elective Surgery Waiting Times Data Collection?

The National Elective Surgery Waiting Times Data Collection is the official Australian government data which has been compiled from reports and data from hospitals across the nation. This information gives insight to the number of Australians who require a surgical procedure in a public hospital and where the clinician or health professional has classed the patient’s condition as elective and not as an emergency that needs immediate attention. This means that the current condition that the patient has is not too serious that they would require immediate care but rather that they would be a suitable candidate for surgery as an option to improve their health and well-being.

What Is The Waiting Procedure For Ophthalmology?

A patient will attend a series of health consultations with their selected general practitioner (GP). This will be the assessment of the patient’s condition in order to determine the condition and the individual’s options for treatment.

If the patient is provided the option for surgery as an elective, they will most likely be placed in the public hospital for treatment. This is a cost-effective option for Australians who may not have health insurance or cannot afford treatment otherwise.

Once on the waiting list, the patient will be placed in the waiting list according to their urgency. This is determined by the amount of pain, disability and potential for deterioration of the condition.

What Are The Waiting Times For Ophthalmology In Australia

Below are the average waiting times from 2001 to 2006. On average patients in Australia are waiting at least 70 days before they are able to get treatment. This is over 2 months on the waiting list.

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