Autism in Australia

Autism in Australia

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Why Is This Important?

1) Autism Awareness Month

Being Autism Awareness month this April, it is important to understand the prevalence of Autism in Australia. To understand how many people are affected by this illness can help provide better support to individuals with Autism and their families.

2) The Average Age of Diagnosis

The average age is between 3 to 5 years. This is a critical time for new parents who are just learning the ropes to parenting. It is recommended by many specialists and experts to being early intervention programs if your child has been diagnosed with Autism at an early age.

This will provide the best chances for your child’s development. However, the average cost of early intervention programs are approximately $65,000. This cost can be an annual cost to parents who are wanting to give the best for their child’s needs.

3) Average Cost of Caring For Autism Child is High

The cost or financial burden of disease can be an overwhelming experience for parents who are trying their best to care for Autistic children. To understand why parents are undergoing second mortgages, selling homes or seeking financial assistance, we first need to understand what the average income is for a full time worker. Below is a list of the average salary an Australian would receive in a full time position according to each state.

Tasmania $61,532

South Australia $63,471

Victoria $68,219

Queensland $69,186

New South Wales $69,592

Northern Territory $71,942

Western Australia $78,743

Capital Territory $80,766

Although this might make sense that $56,000 of this will cover the cost of treatment and other expenses for an Autistic child, we need to consider other deductions and expenses such as tax, HECS, rent, transport, food, bills and other everyday expenses.

Not all families will earn the same amount of income and not all family dynamics are exactly the same.

For example, for a single mother who has a child with Autism, this can be very difficult to manage, particularly because you will have additional costs like carer costs in order to sustain a full time salary.