Brain Injury Awareness Week in Australia

Brain Injury Awareness Week in Australia

On guard against traumatic brain injuries

What Is Brain Injury Awareness Week?

Brain injury awareness week is a week dedicated to create further awareness and education in Australia about brain injuries. This includes the cause, prevention and treatment for brain injuries. Brain injuries can result from a number of incidences such as:

– motor vehicle accidents

– damage from a fight, drug misuse, alcohol misuse, domestic violence

– accidents during sport or physical activity

– As a result of degenerative diseases, brain tumours, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and other brain illnesses.

– As a result of stroke or hypoxia (lack of oxygen)

Australian Statistics Of Brain Injury

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) conducted a study in 1999, which outlines that 1.9 per cent of the total Australian population was estimated to have a disability due to a brain injury. This accounted for 338,700 Australians. This number however has grown, with over 178,000 Australians requiring daily assistance.

How Do I Get Involved?

Australians who would like to support Brain Injury Awareness Week have a few options.

Attend An Event

The first is to contact your nearest brain injury organisation. This could be The Brain Foundation or a disability organisation. There will be a number of events available for locals to visit and participate in. This will not only give you an opportunity to learn more about brain injuries but to also give you a chance to support the work of organisations for research and support services for individuals with a brain injury.


You can also try fundraising for more of a proactive way to help those in need. If you know anyone with a brain injury, you can start a fundraising page online to help the family cover medical expenses and other related costs due to a brain injury. All you will require is their consent and support to conduct a fundraiser on their behalf. This is a great opportunity to assist families who are struggling to cover costs or would like to provide their loved one with better health care, treatment or rehabilitation from a brain injury.

photo by: Army Medicine