Creating Awareness During National Stroke Week 2013

Creating Awareness During National Stroke Week 2013

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From September 9th to the 15th this year, Australia will be raising awareness about stroke. National Stroke Week aims to raise the awareness of stroke within the community and encourages all Australians to take actions in preventing stroke.

How Can I Get Involved In National Stroke Week?

National Stroke Week is organised and run by the National Stroke Foundation. To find out how you can get involved, you can contact this organisation directly. There are a number of events and activities that will be running through the week in Australia. You can also register online to receive a National Stroke Week pack that will help you organise and hold an event to support Australians suffering from a stroke.

Why Is It Important?

According to National Stroke Foundation, stroke is the second biggest killer in Australia. It has also been found from years of research, that stroke is the leading cause of disability for Australians.

Stroke is very common and a general misconception is that stroke only affects individuals of an older age. However one in 6 Australians will experience a stroke in their lifetime. It has also been found that nearly 130,000 Australians in 2012, which accounts for 30 percent of stroke survivors were under the age of 65 years old. These individuals were most commonly of working age.

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