Crowdfunding for Cancer in Sydney NSW

Crowdfunding for Cancer in Sydney NSW

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Cancer affects thousands of Australian families in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) each year. It is a devastating shock to the family’s emotional well-being and can affect the family in more than one way. A large number of these families will experience financial hardship due to the impact of cancer in the family. This could be due to a loss of income or salary or perhaps a parent needs to take a full time care taker role. The added costs and hidden fees can also be unexpected.

Families who reside in remote and rural locations of NSW will find it difficult, particularly if they are required to relocate to Sydney for treatment. Being away from family, friends and the community can have a negative affect on their health and well-being, especially for children separated from their support network. However, keeping families together during this time can be very expensive and stressful.

Crowdfunding has recently been used in Sydney Australia to help families raise funds for a common goal. This goal can be to help a particular loved one find better treatment, or perhaps to cover the bills and medical expenses.

Crowdfunding for cancer can be a great idea to help ease the financial burden put on families and loved ones. It is a proactive way to help a family in need get back on their feet. Raising funds can also mean better quality time can be spent with loved ones without having to worry about the bills and expenses that pile on week after week.

Cancer crowdfunding can help families receive funds from family and friends who are unable to give support in any other way but are keen to help the best way possible. For the family, it means that they are able to continue focusing their energy and efforts in the betterment of their loved one’s health, rather than stressing about the financial costs that they will endure.

photo by: jennifrog