Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatment in Australia

Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatment in Australia

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The Cancer Journey

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a very difficult experience not only for the patient, but also for their family and friends. Most people start feeling helpless or frustrated with the fact that they cannot control the situation, particularly if you have been diagnosed with stage three or four cancer.

In many cases, depending on one’s circumstances and diagnosis, you can be recommended to seek immediate medical attention such as elective surgery or seek treatment directly from a private health institution. This is because some people can experience long waiting lists for treatment and delays in care at a public hospital or perhaps the specialists that will be most effective and have better chances of successfully removing the cancer are from private hospitals.

Individuals going through cancer treatment will understand that it can cost a great deal for the entire family. Reducing income streams for the household or perhaps additional costs for transport and accommodation.

This was the experience for the Anton family. Based in Queensland, husband and loving father Spiro was diagnosed with lung cancer. The family of four children wanted to give their father the best chances of survival, while being able to afford everyday expenses as Spiro was no longer working.

The tremendous stress put on wife and mother, Marina meant that she had to look after her husband and her children, while looking after her savings and finances for the long term.

How Crowdfunding Can Help Cover Cancer Treatment

Crowdfunding works by allowing Australians who are in need of funds for a particular project online. In this case, crowdfunding can be used to help cover costs for cancer treatment. This will therefore be the project and will mean individuals are able to donate or pledge towards a friend, loved one or fellow Australian for treatment.

In the Anton family’s situation, crowdfunding through PeoplePledge was one of the best decisions they made. They were able to reach out to family and friends who had wanted to help for so long but didn’t know the best way. Within 3 days, the Anton family raised over $5000, which kept their spirits high with all the love and support from friends, family and their community.

Crowdfunding is a great way for families to get through a tough time. Although it can be difficult to ask for help or for assistance, it is also an uplifting experience which helps the family power through their darkest hour and at the end of the day, feel grateful for the love and support they have around them.

photo by: jennifrog