Finding Strength: Alison’s Story of Breast Cancer

Finding Strength: Alison’s Story of Breast Cancer


During the month of May, we highlight the strength of mothers in Australia as they battle life threatening diseases. Women all over Australia endure heartache and pain throughout the course of fighting Breast Cancer. Alison’s story from Western Australia is one in which highlights the strength of determination to survive. She shares her story in the latest The Beacon magazine issue, created by Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Alison was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December 2009. She was aged 41. Just 4 days prior to her own diagnosis, she attended the funeral of her beloved aunty who fought breast and ovarian cancer for the last 35 years of her life. Her identical twin and sister, Susan had a 98 percent chance of also having Breast Cancer.

Together, they found strength within each other.

“Family, friends and counsellors help you to discover the strength that is within you. It is what you do with this strength and determination that will make a difference to their lives and your own.”

To read Alison’s inspiring and empowering story, check out the latest edition of The Beacon Magazine.

photo by: pfala