Fundraising for Australians with Blood Disorders

Fundraising for Australians with Blood Disorders

Donate platelets, save a life

Blood disorders affect thousands of Australian lives each year. Myelodysplastic syndrome formerly known as preleukemia, is an example of one which is a medical condition which causes low blood count in the body, resulting to bone marrow failures and blood transfusions.

Australians who have been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome can be in hospital for several weeks up to several months. Although there are therapies to help manage the disease, it is important to understand that more severe cases will result to bone marrow transplant.

In Australia, the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry is an organisation that assists and encourages community members to donate bone marrow. A bone marrow or haemopoietic stem cell transplant is the only possibility of cure for many Australians who have been diagnosed with a blood disorder or leukaemia. With the small amount of donors in Australia, it can be very difficult on families both financially and emotionally.

Why Fundraising Can Help

Fundraising for families who have a loved one diagnosed with a blood disorder can assist them in management of the disorder. It can also assist with bills and other costs associated with the blood disorder, particularly when the individual is on the wait list for a transplant.

Loved ones will often take the role of the care taker of the patient full time, which means that they are unable to work or seek full time employment. Often the living expenses are far greater than the centerlink benefits provided, particularly if there are other children in the family to consider. Fundraising therefore can be a great way for families who are struggling financially to not only raise awareness about the importance of bone marrow donors but also provide time to focus on the health of loved ones who are unwell.

photo by: Army Medicine