Fundraising for Chronic Pain Medication, Treatment and other Expenses

Fundraising for Chronic Pain Medication, Treatment and other Expenses

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Why Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is experienced by over 3 million Australians across the nation. It is a problem that affects an individual’s lifestyle, ability to work and their overall well-being.

Although there is a lot of support for Australians who are chronic pain sufferers, it is still not enough as 55 percent of costs associated with chronic pain is covered by the individual who has chronic pain. This was found in the research conducted by MBF Foundation in the report entitled ‘The high price of pain: the economic impact of persistent pain in Australia’.

What Is The Impact Of Chronic Pain?

The impact of chronic pain on an individual life, as well as the immediately family, can be huge.

1. Deterioration Of Well-being:

Living with chronic pain can be a huge adjustment for everyone in the family. This can create problems in the dynamics of households, where chronic pain sufferers may have more difficulties with asking for help for simple chores and household activities. Chronic pain affects the person’s everyday, from the moment they wake up.

2. Burden of Medical Expenses On Family:

In order to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic pain, many Australians will be advised to seek medical and professional assistance. There are a number of treatments and programs that can assist individuals living with chronic pain. Depending on the type of chronic pain, the cost of treatment can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand. Generally, individuals with chronic pain will need ongoing and frequent treatment, making the associated cost a long term cost for the family.

3. Loss Of Income:

Regardless of proper management, care or treatment for chronic pain, individuals can still experience a deterioration in their ability to return to work. As a result, this makes it very difficult to sustain living costs for themselves as well as their loved ones. Living off one income in the household can take it’s toll.

Why Should I Consider Fundraising As An Option To Help Me Cover Medical Expenses?

If you are a chronic pain sufferer and have already seek advice and assistance for a disability allowance, you may still need more funding to help cover for any additional costs. This could cover costs such as home modifications, full time carer expenses, additional therapies or programs that can be beneficial or transport and accommodation costs if you live in a remote or rural location.

Sometimes opting for private health care services can be the best option to help your body heal faster or give you the best chances of recovering. However, private care can be a costly experience, which in most cases, will require you to pay upfront.

Patients face long waiting times to access multidisciplinary pain clinics in public hospitals – frequently more than a year.
– Consumers Health Forum of Australia, Health Voices Issue 12, 2013.

Fundraising online will give you the opportunity to take charge of your life and be proactive by fundraising to cover these costs. This can assist you to avoid the long waiting times, where the prolonging of medical assistance can affect damage your health further


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