Fundraising for Kids with Cancer in Australia

Fundraising for Kids with Cancer in Australia

Children diagnosed with cancer is always a can be a devastating experience for parents. Although adults and children can be diagnosed with cancer, the most common childhood cancers are acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, brain cancer and neuroblastoma.

Why Fundraise For Children With Cancer In Australia?

Fundraising for your child or a child you know of who has cancer can be a beneficial experience for the whole family It can help with any financial burden or stress you may be experiencing as your child undergoes treatment. Funds raised can be directed to cover costs such as:

– Medical bills- Although many public hospitals provide through Medicare free chemotherapy, there may be other alternative options available throughout the course of treatment that you would be interested in using instead. Having the option to go for private health care is always good.

– New Treatment- If there are recent studies and research on new alternative treatment that may be suitable for your child, you may require funds to help cover the cost to transport your child and to cover for any other costs involved. This may be useful for Australian families looking at treatment overseas or outer state.

– Transport- Often rural and remote individuals may experience a tougher time getting to a hospital that can offer chemotherapy treatment, or specialise in cancer treatment and research. For this reason, fundraising can assist in covering the cost of transport.

– Accommodation- If you are moving to another location either within Australia or overseas, you may require to cover ongoing accommodation for 3 to 12 months, depending on the stage of cancer and the treatment available. Having funds set aside for these costs can help remove the strain on the family and allow you and your family to focus more on taking care of one another.

Living Expenses- Understanding that as a parent you would want to keep the family together as much as possible, the funds raised from a fundraiser online can also be used to cover expenses such as everyday household food and bills. This is particularly important if you have other children to care for, if you are a single parent or if you become a full time carer for your child. There are many cases where one parent will stay with the child who has been diagnosed with cancer nearby the hospital, while the other parent stays at their residential home.

How Can I Fundraise For My Child?

Fundraising on your child’s behalf can be very simple. PeoplePledge offers an online service that helps Australian families across Australia to setup a fundraiser online. We work with you to organise the content (your story) and the photos to help your family during this tough time. Donations are received online, and you will be notified every time there is a donation made. Being online, it is easy to track your progress of your fundraiser.

Example Of A Fundraiser Online

In February, Logan who is currently 2 years old was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a form of childhood cancer that affects 1 in 100,000 children in Australia.

Logan’s parents created an online fundraising page after being referred by another parent at the same hospital also going through a similar situation. They decided to create a fundraising page to help cover unexpected costs, caring expenses, medication and transport expenses that have added up as the family were originally based in rural NSW.

To learn more about Logan and his story, you can go to Logan’s PeoplePledge fundraising page here: