Fundraising For Kids With Leukemia

Fundraising For Kids With Leukemia

Phoebe and Douglas

How Can I Fundraise For Kids With Leukaemia?

Fundraising for kids with Leukaemia can be useful for families who are struggling to cover medical bills and household expenses. Depending on the length of time and amount of effort you are willing to put in, fundraisers can be hugely beneficial to help your family with what you need during your child receives treatment and have allocated funds from the fundraiser to help improve the health and well-being of your child.

What Are My Fundraising Options?

There are many ways for parents to fundraise. These fundraisers can be done online or a combination of online fundraisers and offline fundraisers. These include the following:

1) Online Fundraisers For Kids With Leukaemia

Online fundraisers are easy to setup and allow parents the flexibility to receive donations from family, friends and the public online in a fast and safe way. Another benefit is that you will be able to keep track of who donated and where you are in terms of reaching your fundraising goal.

In addition, the benefit of creating an online fundraiser is the ability to connect your online fundraiser with any off-line fundraisers that you also plan to have. For example, if you are making an event to raise funds for your child, you can also provide the link to your online fundraiser in case individuals cannot attend to the event or if they want to give more in the near future. This increases the awareness of your fundraiser.

It is also easier to create a sense of community and support for your family online through one-click updates and getting support messages from donors and other loved ones.

2) Auctions For Kids With Leukaemia

If you are planning to partner with businesses from your community, it can be a good idea to have an auction. Goods and products would be donated for free from a business, in which you will be able to auction out at a set price. All sold items will then go towards helping your family cover the medical expenses.

3) Events For Kids With Leukaemia

Common offline fundraisers include raffles, bbqs, movie nights and other small events held within your community. You might be able to connect with your local Council, RSL club, Lions Club or Rotary Club to gain access to cheaper or free community halls for events.

photo by: Doug Beckers