How Cancer Survivors Can Give Back

How Cancer Survivors Can Give Back

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The Spread Of Cancer

According to Cancer Council Australia, cancer affects 1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women. This means that you will most likely know someone who has cancer or who is a cancer survivor. With over 60 percent of Australians surviving at least 5 years after receiving treatment for cancer, the number of cancer survivors are increasing.

Giving Back To Cancer Patients

With a large number of cancer patients now surviving their battle, it is of course a natural motivation for cancer survivors to want to give back in the best way they can. For many, helping organisations and charities that have a mission or cause related to cancer, can be the first choice. However, there are now other ways to help families of cancer patients directly that can be much more rewarding and impacting.

For Australians who are cancer survivors, it is truly a good feeling to know that you’ve won your battle with cancer. However, for many others who are still battling cancer, it still remains a stressful and emotional experience. You will also know the financial burden that can be placed on families who are trying to provide the best medical care for their loved ones. Understanding first hand how this may feel, you may have a greater desire to want to help other cancer patients who are currently experiencing treatment as a way to give back and be thankful for your life.

Helping Cancer Patients And Their Families Directly

Starting up a fundraiser online on behalf of another person undergoing cancer treatment can be a meaningful way to help a family in need. It is surely a direct way to impact the lives impacted by cancer, which can be an enriching experience for cancer survivors.

The benefit of creating a fundraiser is that it allows the financial burden that families can often experience to be lifted from them. This enables families to focus on what it most important in life; spending time with family and loved ones and of course the recovery of their health. By giving direct support, you will be able to give back to someone who needs financial and emotional support, so that they are able to focus more on spending quality time with family and friends and focus on getting back to full health.

The money raised can be used for a variety of things. For example, for treatment cost in private hospitals, new treatments that may not be available in their state or within Australia and even to cover household costs that can add up when primary income sources are no longer available.

Remember, it is important to get consent from the family first before starting a fundraiser for someone you know. You want to make sure that they feel comfortable with sharing their story and that they are able to work with you to provide any information required to start the fundraiser.

To create a fundraising page online it is very simple using PeoplePledge, Australia’s first and only medical fundraising website that has already helped so many families who are experiencing a tough time. To learn more about how to start a fundraiser, go to

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