How Emus Can Relieve Damage Caused By Chemotherapy

How Emus Can Relieve Damage Caused By Chemotherapy

Researchers in Australian have found the benefits of using emu oil for patients suffering from side effects of chemotherapy. Emu oil’s traditional anti-inflammatory properties have proven to shown it can repair damage to the bowel. Commonly, patients who undergo chemotherapy can have a range of side effects including damages to the bowel.

At the University of Adelaide, research is continuing to show that there is in fact a way to help patients undergoing chemotherapy through the use of emu oil.

Emu oil, made from the rendering of the fat of an emu, can rapidly increase the process to repair damages by stimulating growth of the intestinal crypts. The intestinal crypts produces the villi which properly absorbs food. The better absorption of food, the healthier your bowel is.

Although that there are proven results, the responsiveness of this form of treatment varies between diseases as well as the patient. Therefore, the time it takes to repair may vary depending on a range of factors.

photo by: MSVG