How To Get Australian Public Donations For Your Fundraising Page

How To Get Australian Public Donations For Your Fundraising Page

Our People Pledge mail box is getting full with lots of questions about fundraising online. Today, we answer a question from an anonymous visitor to our website asking:

“How (and why) will total strangers support a struggling victim?”

Why Would Australians Donate To My Cause?

For Australians who are looking to fundraise for medical expenses, it is normal to wonder why fellow Australians would donate to you if they do not know you personally. There are several reasons why individuals may be compelled to donate. These include:

– Good Karma- Australians might want to give back to those in need after having good fortune in their own lives.

– Domino Effect- Supporters might have heard about your story from a friend of a friend. You might not know this person personally, but they might be connected to your networks already.

– Public Appeal- Your story might be unique or create buzz through media. This is common to draw attention to rare diseases for example.

– Emotional Connection- Supporters can come from anywhere in Australia. These could be cancer survivors who want to donate and help other cancer patients, or it could be an Australian who is an advocate for mothers with Autistic children. For many donors, there is a deeper connection to your story or the illness you are battling, which can make them want to donate.

– Accountability- Many donors who support Australian charities might find comfort in donating directly to Australians in need rather than big organisations where donations can sometimes be lost.

How Can I Get The Public To Donate On My Fundraising Page?

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Before asking for public donations, it is important to ensure that your fundraising page has at least $100.00 of donations from your own network and contacts. These donations cannot be from you directly. People Pledge encourages this as a way to make sure your page is legit and honest. It is a way to show social proof that your fundraising appeal has already been supported by your friends and family.

There are many ways to attract public donations and we’ve outlined a few useful tips to help you through this process.

1)Tell the whole story

When attracting public donations, it is important to share your whole story in your description for your fundraising page. It would be difficult for Australians to understand your story if you don’t share your story to it’s completion. Sharing your story will give your fundraising page personal content that supporters can relate or connect to.

2) Privacy

Once you allow for public donations, it is important to keep in mind your privacy thereafter. Individuals will not be able to contact you directly and can only make a comment through our fundraising page. We screen all content to ensure that it is appropriate. We also do not give your details to any donor upon request. For some families, privacy during a time of medical crisis is important. Therefore, think through whether you would like your fundraising page to be public and how this would effect you and your family’s experience of using the website for donations.

3) Make your page stand out

There many be thousands of fundraising pages on our website at one given time. Therefore it is important to stand out from the crowd. Sharing photos, videos and blog updates are important components to connecting to potential supporters.

photo by: stevendepolo