How to Write Your Fundraising Details

How to Write Your Fundraising Details

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For many Australians who are keen to start fundraising, the question ‘Where Do I Start?’ can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are new to online fundraising. The first thing you need to do after signing up for a People Pledge account is to fill up your fundraising details. This can be found under ‘Create A Pledge Page’. These fundraising details covers a range of things including:

– Pledge Page Name: This is what your Pledge Page will be called. It would be helpful to include the beneficiary’s name and what the medical illness/disease is. For Example ‘Help Kate Evans in Her Fight With Breast Cancer’.

– Funding Goal: What is your goal you would like to reach? Be realistic but also only ask for what you need. If you are fundraising for medical treatment for example, you should only ask for an amount that would cover the cost of the treatment.

– Fundraising End Date: Write in a deadline for the end of your fundraising page. This can be determined by when you need the funds raised or it could be a date you’ve selected as an appropriate timeframe.

– Short Description: This is a short blurb of your story and message to potential support and donors.

– Long Description: This is the longer version that will be seen in the main page of your fundraising page.

– Thank You Rewards: These are small ‘Thank you gifts’ that you can provide to your supporters after they have made a donation. For example, a small thank you card or a shoutout on your Facebook wall. You set what kinds of Thank You Gifts you would like to give for a donation amount that you’ve set. When an individual makes a donation for example of $100.00AUD, you can then deliver the associated Thank you gift.

For more information you can also find examples on our People Pledge website that can be a useful guide to help you setup your own page.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind before you start completing your fundraising details.

Reflect On What You Would Like To Share


When setting up your fundraising page at People Pledge, you need to fill in the fundraising details that will be published on your fundraising page. Please take some time to reflect on what you would like to say. This information will be seen by your family, friends and other contacts who you are reaching out to in order to get support and donations. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider what you would like to write.

Get Consent From The Beneficiary

If you are not the beneficiary, and you are doing the fundraising page on their behalf, it is important to also speak with them to find out what they would like to be written. Getting their consent and to read through the final details before submission is vital.

Keep It Personal But Appropriate


Sometimes when it comes to sharing your story or your situation, it can be very emotional and can leave you feeling vulnerable. Remember to read over what you write and ask yourself, ‘Do I feel comfortable with this content?’ and ‘Is it appropriate to share to all my contacts?’ The amount you want to disclose is up to you. It is your personal fundraising page and it is important that you feel comfortable with what is published. Keep this in mind when posting up updates, photos or videos in the future.