Interview with Randy Johnson on NEWFM 105.3FM Newcastle Radio

Interview with Randy Johnson on NEWFM 105.3FM Newcastle Radio

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Last month, Randy Johnson was interviewed by the team at 105.3FM Newcastle Radio. The interview featured Bailon Johnson, 3 year old son of Randy who has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer.

To listen to the interview, press play on the Youtube video below:

Alternatively, you can read the transcript below of the complete interview:

Sarah: Honestly I’m a new parent, first time mum and I can’t even begin to imagine what this would be like. My baby cries and my heart goes and she’s not sick. You say that he was unwell and of course they discovered that it was an aggressive cancer. What were the signs that he first showed that made you think, oh this is not quite right?

Randy: Usually Bailon is very happy go lucky boy, full of energy. He started to sleep a lot more. His appetite changed dramatically. He wasn’t eating much or drinking much. Within four days, I noticed his belly started to swell. So I took him to the hospital thinking he was constipated or something and they did a test up there and found that it was a big lump coming off his kidney.

Steve St John: The doctors, what have they said to you, and what stage of cancer are you guys at?

Randy: Probably between a stage3 and stage 4. The cancer, it’s a highly aggressive and that’ why the regimen, chemotherapy is so frequent. They are using probably the strongest chemotherapy drugs they can to try and kill the tumor off.

Steve St John: Even though it’s quiet advanced, is there still a really good chance, if he continues treatment of being cured?

Randy: Well, that’s the plan. They are not going to say that to me that it is going to work but they have given between a 40 and 60 percent chance that they can cure it.

Steve St John: You’re going to hold on to that Randy and believe and do everything that’s possible.

Randy: Yeah, they even said it’s in his bone marrow and affecting parts of his bone as well.

Steve St John: Oh Randy. So sorry mate.

Sarah: How does the little guy cope with it all? That is so much for such a young boy to deal with. How does he cope with it all?

Randy: He has had some really good days where you wouldn’t think he was sick. He’ll play like a normal kid. And there are days there where he just had enough of everybody. Poking at him and doing stuff at him. He doesn’t want anything to touch him. He’ll get really cranky and aggravated at them and even at myself at times. He just doesn’t want anyone near him.

Sarah: Randy we’re really sorry to hear about you and Bailon, only 3 year old. It’s so tough. What can people do to help out?

Randy: Well, I was online doing a little bit of research and a website called PeoplePledge contacted me and asked me if I wanted to some fundraising to help the cost of everything, like the medical side.

Steve St John: So people can go to and donate for young Bailon?

Randy: Yeah.

Sarah: How much are you hoping to raise Randy? And how much have you raised so far?

Randy: Well we’ve asked for $7000 and so far we’re up to nearly 3 and half thousand.

Steve St John: So if you’re listening now and feeling like we are, go to and just make a donation today. I’ll give 50. So you’ll see that pop up from me., please get on board and donate today to help Randy and his little feller Bailon. Mate our hearts go out to you and we’re praying and thinking of you guys and hopefully the young feller gets better with the treatment he is receiving.

Randy: Thank you so much. It means so much.

If you would like to pledge to Bailon and the Johnson family go to