Keep Your Eye On The Prize- How To Reach Your Fundraising Goal In 30 Days

Keep Your Eye On The Prize- How To Reach Your Fundraising Goal In 30 Days

Creating a fundraising goal is easy, but reaching that goal within a time frame can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. For Australians who are fundraising online using People Pledge, we’ve created a few tips that can help you reach your fundraising goal within 30 days.

The Power Of Your Story

When creating a fundraising page, you first need to write your story. This story helps visitors who come to your fundraising page to understand what happened and where you are at this point in time. It is the perfect opportunity to explain how the money raised will be used and how this will impact you and your immediate family. Sharing your story allows a personal connection that many of your friends and family will appreicate.

Show Social Proof

Whenever you receive a pledge from someone, you should always be active on your social media and give a shout out to them. This helps to provide social proof that other people on your network will see. Creating a sense of activity and movement on your fundraising page will create more interest and curiosity for others who have not visited or donated on your fundraising page

Give Updates On Your Progress

As you go along fundraising, make sure you provide at least one update per week on your fundraising page. This will help keep your fundraising page active and be on your supporters’ mind. As a result, it will hopefully trigger more donations in the long term.