Learn more about 2013 Hearing Awareness Week in Australia

Learn more about 2013 Hearing Awareness Week in Australia


Hearing Awareness Week is an annual Australian event held national wide on the last week of August. This week aims to promote and create greater awareness for individuals about hearing impairment and ways in which individuals can help prevent and/or protect their hearing.

In 2013, Hearing Awareness Week has a range of events in the local community that Australians can participate in. One of the key events is the Deafness Forum, which gives opportunity for Australians with hearing loss and families affected by loved ones with hearing impairment to speak about their main concerns and problems.

With over 22 per cent of Australians 15 years old and over with a hearing impairment, the ability to share their experience as well as their knowledge is important in order to create a better understanding of not only their needs but their aspirations for the near future.

Events will be held in all states including New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

photo by: eekoliteW