Australian National Pain Week 2013

Australian National Pain Week 2013

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What Is National Pain Week?

National Pain Week 2013, is an annual event in Australia which recognizes Australians living with chronic pain. It is an event that not only aims to create awareness of chronic pain but aims to remove any misunderstandings or assumptions of experience with chronic pain.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a term that describes persistent pain that continues more than three months at a time. It is usually due to an injury, recent surgery or a medical condition. There are two forms of chronic pain. The first is a short term or otherwise known as ‘acute pain’. This type of pain is brief and are short bursts of pain. There is also long term chronic pain, which patients will experience longer periods of pain or consistent pain for a period of time.

Why Is National Pain Week Important?

National Pain Week is important because it allows us to create greater awareness of chronic pain, which 1 in 5 Australians experience daily. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, chronic pain affects over 20 percent of Australians each year. This is increasingly growing. Recognising chronic pain is the first step to getting treatment and finding ways to prevent chronic pain.