Paying for Costs to Recover From Stroke

Paying for Costs to Recover From Stroke

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This year, the National Stroke Foundation released a new report entitled ‘The economic impact of stroke in Australia’. This report provides a deeper insight to the actual cost not only to the Australian government, but to an Australian suffering from stroke.

In Australia, just over 1000 Australians experience a stroke per week. There are over 460,000 Australians who have experienced stroke in their lifetime. This number continues to grow each year, even with the education and awareness programs provided. A large number of these Australians are of working age.

What Are The Costs For An Australian Recovering From Stroke

There are three main categories of costs when it comes to recovering from a stroke for a patient.

Productivity costs: This includes an individual’s productivity losses such as temporary absenteeism, long-term employment impacts and unpaid work, premature mortality and the value of informal care.

Other financial costs : Examples include government and non-government programs (such as charity programs). This also takes into account for any out-of-pocket expenses that includes formal care, aids, equipment, home modifications, alternative and herbal medications, private domestic assistance, transport and accommodation costs associated with receiving treatment. On many incidences, families will also undergo immediate and unexpected costs such as funeral costs.

Disability Costs: Often, individuals who undergo stroke will suffer long term impacts. With over 65 percent or two thirds of victims suffering a form of disability for the rest of their lifetime. This means additional costs will incur.

Non-financial costs: Although this is difficult to measure, the pain, suffering and premature death that result from stroke can be a difficult cost.

How Much Do These Costs Add Up To?

In total, the estimate lifetime cost per person is $122,581. Each individual who undergoes stroke will hold 44 percent of the total costs. The rest are divided up by the state government, federal government, society and employers. Here are a few examples of average costs.

In 2012, the estimated cost for out of pocket expenses such as aids, $922 per person living with stroke. Transport costs on average add up to $4,819 per person. Many individuals will suffer financially due to the productivity loss of being unable to work. This can amount to $4,144 and over per year, depending on the previous income earned.