Raising Money for Australians Recovering from a Stroke

Raising Money for Australians Recovering from a Stroke

After The Stroke!

Stroke In Australia

In Australia stroke is the second biggest killer after coronary heart disease and a leading cause of disability. In 2009, 381,400 Australians have experienced a stroke in their lifetime, with 35 percent of these individuals having a disability or impairment due to stroke.

According to Stroke Foundation, 1 in 6 Australians will experience a stroke in their lifetime. Therefore, out of 6 individuals in your network, you will know at least one person who has experienced a stroke in their lifetime. With such high statistics of stroke in Australia, it is important to understand the options for financial assistance for families who are struggling to cover household and living costs due to stroke.

Raising Money for Stroke Victims

The benefits of raising money for stroke victims is to allow family members to provide continual care during this time. Recovery from a stroke can take months to years, and sometimes it can also have lifelong impacts on the individual. This means for the immediate family, 24 hour care is vital. For many family members, it can also mean giving up work to become a full time carer, in which they would only receive a carer pension allowance from the government to supplement loss of income. For many households who depend on the two income streams that are now no longer available, it can be a difficult time for the whole family. Fundraising for these costs can assist the family get back on their feet during this tough time.

Raising money can also provide the best rehab therapy possible in Australia. The recovery process is a critical time for the individual to regain speech, the ability to walk and to do daily tasks. Without proper care and therapy, individuals can have difficulties for life. However, these therapies can often come at a price, which many families currently struggling paying for. Fundraising for these costs can give the family funds quickly in order to find the best solution of care.

Example Of Fundraiser For Loved One Recovering From A Stroke


Many Australians have already used a fundraising website that can help create a fundraising page on their behalf in order to raise money for their loved one suffering from a stroke.

An example comes from Chrissy from New South Wales, suffered from a stroke.

Richard, the full time carer of Chrissy was able to setup a fundraising page with PeoplePledge, an Australian medical fundraising website that helps families in Australia raise money for loved ones in need. The funds will go to help cover any costs to keep Chrissy with family, rather than in a nursing home. The costs for therapy and treatment are ongoing. To find out more about Chrissy, you can check her fundraising page here: http://peoplepledge.com.au/2013/aunty-chrissy/

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