Renee Geyer Wins Cancer Battle By Singing

Renee Geyer Wins Cancer Battle By Singing

Renee Geyer is an Australian singer who has lived her life singing and performing all over the world. In 2009, Geyer was diagnosed with cancer. Now 59 years of age, she shares her thoughts of overcoming cancer and how singing has motivated her through the process.

“My career saved me from moping…I didn’t drop one gig. My gigs and my singing saved my arse.”

Geyer claims that her love and passion for singing was the direct force that kept her alive throughout her time battling cancer. In fact, she firmly believes that being positive and doing what you love can help you at your toughest hour. Although her cancer journey took one year to overcome, it remains still today, a big part of her life as she looks back on the treatment and how the side effects caused bone problems and at rare times, heart failure.

“It’s not the cancer that is the worst thing,” Geyer said, “it’s the medication you have to take for five years. It f . . ked me up. I had all those parking accidents because I was disoriented.”

Now fully recovered from her cancer scare, Geyer looks forward to releasing her new album which has been inspired by her battle with cancer.

photo by: d_neeses_pix