Resources for Parents with Sick Kids in Hospital

Resources for Parents with Sick Kids in Hospital

New Parents

If you are a parent, you always want the best for your children. This can be difficult if your child is sick and requires medical attention. For any parent, the experience of taking care of children in hospital can be not only overwhelming but also financially draining.

There are however, a number of support services or resources that can be helpful for a parent with sick kids in hospital.

Social Workers in Hospitals For Support Services

Parents who are looking for resources to assist with children in hospital can find great support from your hospital social worker. Hospital social workers can often be referred to for guidance to help you and your family process what is happening. This can be particularly useful if you require someone to talk to in the hospital or if you would like to learn more about what available resources are there for you and your child.

PeoplePledge As A Resource For Financial Assistance

If your family are struggling to cover costs, and you have tried other avenues such as getting a carer pension and other government support, then fundraising can be a great way to get the financial assistance you need immediately.

Fundraising online is easy and can be set up with PeoplePledge. We call you directly to help you setup and run through the process. Creating a fundraising page means that you can then take action and therefore be more proactive about your situation. Asking help from family and friends can be uncomfortable at times, however family and friends are always willing to help especially during your time of need.

photo by: mikecogh