Setting New Fundraising Goals For The New Year

Setting New Fundraising Goals For The New Year

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With the new year quickly approaching, it is a good time to start reflecting on the year of 2013, but to also look forward to 2014. For new fundraisers it can mean a great deal to set fundraising goals for 2014 that can impact a loved one’s life throughout the entire year and more! It is also the perfect opportunity to take charge of your life and create change in your life and someone else.

Whether it is a sudden accident or diagnosis of an illness that has impacted your life, fundraising can be a great way to start fresh with support of loved ones around you. Here are a few tips to help you set your fundraising goal for the new year!

What Am I Funding For?

In order to begin to set a fundraising goal for a fundraising page, you need to look at what you will be using the funds for. This will give you a better indication of what you should put down as your fundraising goal.

For example, if you would like to help a friend who is need of an urgent surgery, your fundraising goal should be around the amount that your loved one needs for the surgery, or the remaining amount that is needed to cover the costs.

What Goal Is Reachable?

Having and setting realistic goals is also a critical part when deciding your fundraising goal. You do not want to set a fundraising goal that is beyond your reach or that you feel uncomfortable with asking for.

Remember to consider whether you truly believe that you can reach this goal and whether you will therefore put the effort needed to promote and market your fundraising page in order to reach this goal.

What Do I Need?

When it comes to setting a fundraising goal, the most important thing to remember and to ask yourself is, do I need this amount? What is the minimum amount you require? What is the ideal amount? Understanding a need from a want, will help you in deciding what fundraising goal is suitable for your needs. Everyone’s circumstance is different, and everyone will need a different amount, even if they are going through a similar illness, disability or condition.

Reflecting on these tips will hopefully help and guide you in the right decision when setting your fundraising goal.

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