Vote for PeoplePledge! Pride of Australia People’s Choice Medal

Matthew and Phuong have won the Pride of Australia Medal NSW and are now in the running to win $10,000. In good spirit, we are hoping to use all of the prize to help more families in need. We hope to help 1000 new Australian families across the nation! This means, we will remove our admin fee and give our PeoplePledge service FREE OF CHARGE!

In addition to this, we will also be able to nominate a charity of our choice to also receive $10,000. There are so many great charities in Australia that do fantastic work. We’ve decided to give the $10,000 to Ronald McDonald House of Charities Australia. The reason why is because there are so many families that we have worked with so far who stay at a Ronald McDonald house. We hope that the money will help more families, particularly in the rural and remote areas of Australia get proper medical help!


It only takes 30 seconds and it can help over 1000 Australians get quality medical care!

To vote:

1) Go to Pride of Australia ( and register for free

2) Activate your account via email

3) Vote at Pride of Australia People’s Choice Medal ( Click under ‘Fair Go’ category and find Matthew Alberto and Phuong Nguyen, the co-founders of PeoplePledge. Once done, you can close the window!

Thanks in advance for your support and vote! Together we can help thousands of families!

Matthew and Phuong, co-founders