Waiting or Taking Action? How Fundraising can Make a Huge Difference for Bowel Cancer Patients

Waiting or Taking Action? How Fundraising can Make a Huge Difference for Bowel Cancer Patients

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When you are either diagnosed with bowel cancer or are at general risk, there are a few decisions that you will have to make.

In a recent article entitled ‘Heads in the sand is no way to face cancer risks’ in The Age, bowel cancer has been highlighted as one of the most preventable and curable forms of cancer. With technology so far advanced, the remove of polyp can reduce the risk of bowel cancer tremendously. In an event where you may experience high risk or have already developed cancer in the bowel, surgery is often a good solution which can completely remove the tumour before it spreads to other organs.

The Cost Of Bowel Cancer

What Australians will have to weigh up however, is the cost verses the waiting time of procedures. According to Cancer Council Australia, the cost of removing polyp to decrease the risk of cancerous growth is $2000-$3000, whereas the cost of removing cancer already developed through surgery will be on average $50,000-$70,000AUD.

Although medicare can cover some of the costs, this has to be weighed with the waiting time patients are dealing with as a result of choosing more of an affordable option.

Waiting Periods For Medical Care

It would be even better if those of us who are at risk didn’t have to wait for 6 months to see a specialist, then over a year to have a colonoscopy.

Many Australians experienced long periods of waiting time to get the process started. This is difficult as it could lead to a poor quality of life or premature death. In both cases, Australian families will suffer financially due to loss of income and in most cases, where a parent or partner will become a full time carer.

Fundraising To Help Get The Best Quality Medical Care NOW!

Fundraising therefore can give you an opportunity to seek help from friends and family that care about your well-being. It can help or completely cover the cost of surgery or procedures to ensure that you receive the best quality of medical care possible, give you living assistance while you are recovering and assist with any other medical expenses related to your bowel cancer experience.

photo by: Menage a Moi