Ways to Keep In Touch During A Medical Crisis

Ways to Keep In Touch During A Medical Crisis

At People Pledge, we understand that life can get so busy that we often forget to connect with friends and family on a day to day basis. We might also be carried away worried about a family member or loved one falling ill. As a result we may lose contact with people that we love in our lives and sometimes it can be hard to regain that connection. However, when it comes to a medical crisis, you will often find that your friends, family and other close members of your network will be right by your side if you need them. This however only happens if you keep in touch with them to share what is going on.

There might be an overwhelming amount of people that you would like to contact at one given time, and with the stress of a medical crisis at hand, time is critical for you.

Creating a fundraising page allows you to provide a space where you can share your story and explain what is currently happening in your life. There is also an updates section which gives you room to share any new updates from the day you started your fundraising page.

If writing is not your forte, you can also opted to create updates and your story via video. This can sometimes be more interactive and get more attention particularly when you are promoting your fundraising page on social media.

At People Pledge, we believe that communication is the key and aim to make our website as easy and interactive as possible.