Where to find fundraising websites free to use?

Where to find fundraising websites free to use?

Medical fundraising is a solution for piled up treatment bills for many that face costly medical conditions. Having a medical insurance and savings can be a lot of help, yet, when treatment accounts up to thousand dollars, and with out-of-pocket costs, absence from work and limited income combined you may start thinking for starting a fundraising campaign. But where can you find fundraising websites free to use?

Why Finding Fundraising Websites Free To Use Is Important

Medical treatment can be a huge financial burden to families, and having to invest money which many do not have for a fundraiser makes this unfavourable situation even harder, and people are looking into ways to make the most of medical fundraising for free. As a result, finding fundraising websites free to use is a useful way to cut back on expenses that already are piling up as well as reducing the level of stress you might be experiencing due to financial difficulties.

Once you decide to raise money and to start an online medical fundraiser, the first step is to explore all the possibilities which are offered on the market and choose the one that suits you needs the best. Most people are looking for free webpages, which are easy to use. In this search however, you should be very cautious, and read very carefully since many “free” websites at first sight have hidden costs that can account from 3 per cent up to 12 per cent, have a flat rate financing or you may end up having to return all donations if your fundraiser does not achieve its goal. Other fundraising webpages request funds for maintenance or for addition features on your fundraiser. These costs make a “free” fundraiser to actually cost you money and in most cases cut donated money for the site itself.

What Fundraising Websites Free To Use Are Available?

PeoplePledge Australia is the only website for fundraising that is absolutely free and you do not have to pay anything for its services in fees or commissions for its use. The webpage is user friendly and easy to use, and safe both for users and donors. Creating a pledge page on PeoplePledge is also done very simple, and you do not need to be a computer expert or hire someone to make the page for you. All you need to do is register, create a page and you will be ready for sharing your story. For security reasons, your page will be made visible once it is reviewed by its staff.

The benefits from using a free web page for your fundraiser are numerous. Most importantly, the money that are collected are transferred directly to you and you do not have to pay anything. No registration fees required is important since you do not have to spend extra money at times of financial difficulty. And lastly, no commission means you get all the money that are collected, and that is what matters, even if you do not meet your fundraising goal, you can still withdraw the sum collected that sure will be of help for your treatment bills.

In order to have a more successful campaign make sure that you include sufficient information on the medical condition, treatment needed, and all of this accompanied with photos and videos in order to create your story. Once you have done so, start sharing, and use the advantages of social and traditional media to spread the word for help and start collecting donations.


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