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Isla, Diaphramatic Hernia

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How It Works

We’ve made it simple for you to start a pledge page by breaking it down into 3 steps.

1. Sign Up to create your pledge page

Sign up online at to start creating your pledge page. You will be asked to fill in your details, the beneficiary’s details and to write up your story.

2. personalize Your Pledge Page

To bring your story to life, add photos and videos to your pledge page. This will personalize your pledge page and help supporters to connect to your story. You can also contact us if you have any questions or problems about the process.

3. Share your Pledge Page

Before your pledge page goes live, we check all information with you to ensure that your pledge page meets our requirements and to verify any details.

Share your pledge page online and offline to your friends and family. Use Facebook, Twitter, email, phone or text to direct loved ones to your pledge page for their support and donations. We’ll give you tips along the way to get the best results and will be available on email if you need any help.

Throughout your fundraising campaign, PayPal will process your pledges, and your pledge page will automatically be updated as new pledges come in. Donations will be sent directly to you via Paypal immediately whenever pledges are made.