3 Good Christmas Deeds You Can Do In 30 Seconds

3 Good Christmas Deeds You Can Do In 30 Seconds


Christmas is all about giving and this year you can share the Christmas spirit by doing 3 good deeds! With everyone busy with work and the Christmas holiday season, we’ve come up with 3 good deeds that you can do during Christmas in 30 seconds or less!

Deed One: Start A Fundraiser For A Loved One

Know someone with an illness, disability or who has recently has health problems? For many Aussies, Christmas can be a daunting experience with high medical expenses. Why not create a fundraiser on behalf of a friend or family member to show how much you care? Creating a fundraiser online is simple and easy to do. The great thing is it can create great impact in a matter of 30 seconds. Signing up on PeoplePledge can be done online and we work with you to create your fundraising page for free.

Deed Two: Pledge or Donate To An Online

Do you know that millions of gifts are given out each year that are unwanted or not used during the course of the following year? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the amount of unwanted gifts are overwhelming in 2012.

This year, why not give a gift that keeps giving. If you know someone who has a fundraiser online with PeoplePledge, you can make a donation on their Pledge Page in 30 seconds. This is a great way to show your support during the Christmas holidays and donate an amount that you feel comfortable in giving this Christmas. It can also be considered as a Christmas gift. This way the family can then use the funds for what is needed.

If you don’t know anyone who is currently fundraising on PeoplePledge, you can also stop by to our home page to find current fundraisers who would love your help. There are many to choose from. Families across Australia are using PeoplePledge to fundraiser for a wide range of medical related expenses. Find a cause that relates most to you, or read a few stories and donate to the one that you feel the most connected to.

Deed Three: Share And Encourage Friends And Family

Another good deed you can do that only takes a few seconds of your time but has a lot of impact is to share a fundraiser on your social media page like Facebook and Twitter. Encouraging family and friends to check out the fundraiser and give back to Australian families in need directly is a great way to share the Christmas spirit of giving.

photo by: ShedBOy^