What is the cost of IVF treatment in Australia?

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Australia?

In Vitro Fertilisation treatment is available in Australia through the private health system only. Offered as a private service, the procedure can be costly and interested couples need to be aware of and discuss all the financial aspects before deciding on seeking treatment.

The cost of the entire process if IVF will depend on the different practitioners and fertility clinics involved. This can vary greatly as each centre will have its own fees structure. The only clear guideline set out is by Medicare which defines the rebate provided for this type of treatment. Typically this amounts to 75% of the standard fees charge but most private doctors charge more than the standard fees and the gap will have to be covered by out of pocket expenses.

Recent changes made to Medicare Safety entitles couples who have a Medicare number and are interested in assisted reproductive treatment to receive a further refund of 80% on treatments/items that were carried out as out of hospital services.

Interested parties are also advised to check with their private health insurers the coverage for such treatment procedures so they can have a realistic idea of how much the treatment will cost them.

The Cost Of IVF Treatment In Australia

The total cost of the IVF treatment will also vary greatly based on the couple and the number and nature of treatment cycles required. Not all couples will need the whole set of services offered and need only pay for those needed for their treatment. To get an idea of the approximate costs involved, the following is an outline for the IVF procedure:

• The 1st consultation with the medical practitioner can cost anywhere from $180-$250 and higher if any additional testing may be required.

• The follow up consultation can cost couples from $90 to $170, based on the type of testing needed. For both initial consultations, upfront payment is needed.

• By day 7 of the treatment, expenses can amount to approximately $7,000.

• For drug therapy during the treatment expenses can go up to $2,000.

• Any additional drugs needed can cost the patients another $1,000.

• An additional fee on the day of trigger will range up to $3,200.

• In all, the approximate cost of the procedure can easily amount to $10,000 for most couples.

Financial Assistance For IVF Patients

Some expenses of the treatment cycle are qualified for rebate by Medicare and may include specialist fees, some basic testing and standard medication. Any additional medications may be refundable by private health insurance.

Cost components that are not covered in fees may include additional medication costs, consultations, referrals and surgical costs. If there is embryo transfer involved, patients will have to pay extra for that along with other specialised procedures like sperm collection, assisted hatching and embryo and semen storage.

Having private health insurance can relieve some of the financial burden but it is still very important to look into the different services provided by various clinics and determine the costs based on the facility’s standard charges and those that are calculated as extras. Not all extra expenses may be covered by private health insurance.

Setting up an online fundraiser can also help offset the cost of IVF treatment. Understanding how quickly the medical expenses can add up during your IVF journey, many families and couples have opted to use fundraising platforms to help raise awareness to loved ones about their IVF journey. Individuals can raise funds directly from family and friends free of charge using PeoplePledge.


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