Fibromyalgia Financial Assistance

Fibromyalgia Financial Assistance

Living with fibromyalgia can already be a huge physical and emotional challenge. However, individuals can also find themselves dealing with financial burden that can make it difficult for individuals to access medical care.

If you are unsure of the warning signs that suggest you may be in need of financial assistance, we’ve come up with the top 5 warning signs below.

Top 5 Warming Signs That You Need Fibromyalgia Financial Assistance

1. Are You Behind On Paying Medical Bills?

One of the first warning signs that you may need fibromyalgia financial assistance is if you struggling with paying your medical bills.

If you have a large number of medical bills that are still unpaid and you do not expect to pay them any time soon or at least by the deadline, then you require financial assistance to help overcome your financial debt.

Many individuals who fail to pay their medical bills on time can find themselves dealing with debt collectors. This makes the process of receiving treatment more difficult where individuals may be required to start paying upfront for medical care.

Individuals who also avoid opening their medical bills or feel afraid to pick up the telephone in case the debt collector is calling, should find financial assistance immediately.

2. Your Employment Status

If you are unable to work because of your condition, this may also be another indication that you may need financial assistance to supplement the loss of income from your job.

Having difficulties finding the perfect workplace can be difficult. This can mean weeks of unemployment that can affect your ability to cover your everyday living expenses as well as your medical bills.

Individuals can be let go or decide to leave their job due to their condition. Many individuals living with fibromyalgia can experience a sense of depression, loss of purpose and loneliness as a result of job loss. In return, this can make the symptoms of fibromyalgia be worse, where further medication and treatment may be required.

Job loss or making the decision to stop working or minimize your work hours can have a huge impact financially in your household. You may have difficulties paying for living expenses such as rent, food and electricity bills, on top of your medication and treatment costs.

3. Forgoing Medicines

If you are avoiding the doctor, skipping medication or going without refilling your prescriptions, you also need fibromyalgia financial assistance.

Individuals who are forgoing treatment and medication as a short term solution to cut down on costs can actually make the symptoms of your condition worse.

As a result, individuals can find themselves taking more medication and further treatment due to the damage they have made for going without their treatment in the first place.

4. Using Credit Cards And Loans

Sometimes using credit cards and loans is an easy decision to make as it provides quick relief from medical debt that has been piling on. When dealing with medical debt and unpaid medical bills, individuals need to be aware of the consequences that could happen as a result of using credit cards and loans to pay off medical debt.

Not only can individuals get a low credit score which can affect your future ability to get loans, but individuals who have chosen to use these forms of financial assistance can find themselves overwhelmed with increased amounts of interest that requires to be paid back.

Being unable to pay back the interest or any of the monthly minimal payments can cause individuals stress that will not be good for your health and well-being. Individuals should consider other financial assistance options if you are unable to keep up with fees, interest charges and feel buried in debt.

5. Considering Filing Bankruptcy

If you’ve already considered filing for medical bankruptcy as an option to get out of your medical debt, then finding financial assistance should be of your utmost priority.

Individuals can lose their homes and any other assets in the process. It can also mean that you and your family are experiencing huge financial burden.

Individuals who are considering this option can feel like it is the only way out of their medical debt. This is when individuals should assess the situation and find financial assistance options that can help relief to the patient and their family.

5 Fibromyalgia Financial Assistance Options

If you are in need of fibromyalgia financial assistance, there are a 5 options that can provide financial aid during your time of need.

1. Government Programs

Individuals with fibromyalgia will be entitled to disability benefits among other services provided by the federal government. Programs from the government can offer individuals the opportunity to offset costs through low-cost health insurance plans.

Here individuals will require to pay for premiums, however these are significantly lower as there is a public health system that covers about 80 percent of the overall costs you incur for medication and treatment.

2. Non-Profit Organizations

There are a range of non-profit organizations that can help provide support and assistance. Try locating a few organizations that offer financial assistance specifically for fibromyalgia, individuals with a disability and individuals with chronic illnesses and conditions.

Non-profit organizations will be able to give information and helpful resources to guide you through money management, selecting health insurance policies, and counseling. You can also find grants for financial assistance and to purchase mobility or assistive equipment depending on your needs.

3. Speaking With Your Doctor

Having a discussion with your primary doctor who prescribes your medication is another option to gain financial assistance. Individuals should let their doctor know of their financial circumstances and make it clear that you are struggling to cover your medical bills.

Work with your doctor to come up with a better payment plan in order to reduce the upfront costs for your medication and treatment. Another option individuals can take is to ask their doctor for alternative brands of medication that may be cheaper and more affordable given your circumstances.

4. Pharmaceutical Drug Assistance Programs

There are many pharmaceutical companies that offer programs to assist individuals who are low income earner and who are unable to access medication.

Individuals whose financial barrier poses problems with accessing medication and treatment can find these drug assistance programs helpful to receive free medication for a short period of time. Depending on each program’s guidelines and specifications, individuals can receive medication for up to 6 months at a time.

In addition, individuals can also be on a co-pay plan and receive substantial discounts for their medication, cutting a lot of the costs to access their medication.

5. Medical Fundraising

Medical fundraising is often used by individuals and their families to overcome severe financial debt due to an illness, disability or condition.

Individuals with fibromyalgia can create a free fundraiser online using PeoplePledge, and seek financial assistance from family, friends and your extended community contacts.

By doing so, you will be able to get financial assistance and cover the cost of your medical bills, prescription costs and living expenses for an extended period of time.