Australian Women Dying More from Lung Cancer than Breast Cancer

Australian Women Dying More from Lung Cancer than Breast Cancer

Portrait #122 - Coline - While she was smoking -Lung cancer has beaten breast cancer as being the top reason for cancer deaths of Australian females.

This revelation was made in a recent ABC News article entitled: “Lung cancer deaths take lead spot for women.”

The increase displays a spike in the volume of women that began smoking cigarettes in the 1960s and also 70s.

Cancer experts suggest they anticipate the lung cancer fatality level will carry on an upwards tendency for the following number of years, and can ultimately be overtaken by bowel as well as breast cancer due to greater obesity levels.

The Cancer Council of Australia’s Professor Ian Olver explained to ABC radio’s Saturday AM program lung cancer death rates are around 3,000 instances annually in females, while breast cancer is approximately 2,700.

Professor Olver maintains there are 2 major causes as to why lung cancer instances in women were overtaking breast cancer sufferers.

One is we’re seeing a strong boost in death from lung cancer linked with the rise in women’s smoking habit rates 2 or 3 decades in the past.

However we’re additionally witnessing reduction in the fatality level of breast cancer on account of successful testing with procedures which have been improved in recent times.

Professor Olver added in that the emerging trend has developed during the last 2 or 3 years and so fundamentally, developed nations are generally discovering the similar thing.

photo by: Valentin.Ottone