Fundraising for Neuroblastoma: Third Most Common Cancer in Children

Fundraising for Neuroblastoma: Third Most Common Cancer in Children

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Neuroblastoma , is a type of childhood cancer that is the third most common in Australia. It is however, the leading cause of cancer deaths for children under the age of five years old. The success rate of children with neuroblastoma varies as the cancer can be present in various ways and in different forms. This makes it difficult to determine the survival rates of children as a whole.

Logan’s Story With Neuroblastoma


Logan is from Ashford New South Wales. At the age of 2 years old, Logan began receiving treatment for Neuroblastoma. In February, Logan’s parents noticed that Logan was limping and went for a routine check at the doctors to check if everything was fine. The news that the family received however, began Logan’s Neuroblastoma journey.

Immediately, Logan was admitted to hospital hours away in Armidale hospital. After 3 days, the family went to a New Castle hospital where Logan is currently receiving treatment for cancer. The family have been emotionally drained. Financially, it has been difficult considering that they are now required to relocate to New Castle for treatment for months on end.

How Fundraising Has Helped Logan’s Family

Logan’s parents started an online fundraiser in August 2013. The family need assistance to cover costs as Logan is at a critical point in his treatment and will require full time care. The funds used will help cover costs such as medications and nutritional costs.

To date, they have had an overwhelming and positive response from family and friends who want to support the family during this tough time. To learn more about Logan’s story, you can find it here at

photo by: DVIDSHUB