How to help when you are friends of kids with cancer?

How to help when you are friends of kids with cancer?

Being friends of kids with cancer can be a difficult situation to be in. You may be unsure of what to do, how best to help or the best ways to give support to your friend and their family. If you want to help your friend raise money towards cancer treatment of their child, you may consider setting up an online fundraiser on their behalf. Be sure to get the parent’s consent before proceeding. Below are the steps that you should take in order to create a fundraiser online for kids with cancer.

1. Set up an online fundraiser

Online fundraising Web sites represent a powerful and an easy way to fundraise for medical treatment. There are two types of fundraising Web sites. Firstly, there are the non-profit Websites that do not charge you on the donations you receive. Secondly, there are the for-profit sites that charge a small fee on the donations you receive. However, the way both these types of Web sites work remain essentially the same. The steps involved include the following:

Signing up: You need to sign-up with the website

Setting up the page: You need to create a fundraising page by including your story. Also, you may personalize your page by including a picture or a video.

Setting up a fundraising goal: You need to indicate your fundraising goal

Your e-fundraising page is now ready!

2. Share the link to your e-page

Start off the fundraising process yourself; also, ask your close ones (family members and some of your affluent friends) to make a donation. Then, publicize your page on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Additionally, you may send an email to your contacts, be it friends, family, or colleagues. In the email, write about your fundraiser and do not forget to include the link.

3. Organize an event

You may organize a sports challenge, cook-off, run, walk, non-athletic game night, etc. Below are some tips that will help you organize a community event:

– Research your venue and ensure that it has all the necessary facilities.

– Think about an appropriate time (afternoon or evening) and date (may be weekend?) to conduct the event.

– Chart out a realistic budget. You may have to factor in the costs of invitations, food, beverages, and other catering costs. You may check with your local supermarket if they would like to donate food and beverages.

– Make a list of people you would like to invite and think of a way you will let them know about your event.

– Spread the word with the help of posters, flyers, and radio announcements.

– Seek volunteer support for help with preparations and successfully running the show on the day of the event.

– Think of creative ways to fundraise. You could raise money through ticket sales, auctions, raffles, a bake sale, a collection or a quiz night.

3. Seek your company support

Check with your company if they would like to make a donation. Many companies set aside money for charity or for good causes such as fundraisers for friends of kids with cancer. Reach out to the company that your friend works at and they will most likely want to support a fellow employee.

4. Send a thank you message to all the donors

You may send a thank you message to all the donors. Besides, expressing your gratitude, the thank you message would encourage donors to spread the word in their circles. Also, you can choose to thank the donors through your blog.


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