Meaningful Christmas Gifts That Will Impact Your Loved One A Lifetime!

Meaningful Christmas Gifts That Will Impact Your Loved One A Lifetime!


Christmas is a great time to give gifts. But not all gifts are effective or meaningful.

In fact, millions of gifts given each year during Christmas end up becoming unwanted Christmas gifts. These gifts are gifts that are not useful or do not impact a person’s life.

Pledging to An Australian In Need

Did you know that thousands of families across Australia are struggling to pay for medical bills and expenses? In fact, many individuals forgo seeing doctors, some do not pick up prescriptions or are unable to receive proper medical care due to financial stress.

Donating or pledging on a Pledge Page this Christmas can help an Australian family pay for much needed medical treatment and care. It is a gift that will keep on giving and change a person’s life forever.

Why Should I Pledge Or Donate To Someone In Australia?

No matter if you know the person or not, giving is all about making a positive impact on someone else’s life for a change. These donations help cover for things such as:

– Cancer treatments

– Surgery in a life and death situation

– Medications

– Unexpected funeral costs when a loved one falls ill

– Home modifications for those with physical disabilities

– Wheelchairs and other aid devices to help enhance the quality of life

– Hospital bills and expenses

– High quality medical care overseas or outer state in Australia

Life can sometimes be challenging and a lot of the times, illnesses or disabilities are out of the control of the individual. Unexpected costs, loss of income and other factors hinder individuals from being able to cover medical related costs.

By pledging, you are giving hope to the individual and giving them much needed support. By pledging on a fundraising page, you will be helping the individual directly, where over 90 percent of all donations are sent straight to the individual. Unlike non-profits or Australian charities where a lot of your donation goes towards admin costs and the employers themselves, PeoplePledge aims to give majority to the individual in need.

How Can I Make A Difference?

It’s simple to do, just head over to There you will find a range of current fundraisers in Australia looking to fund various medical related expenses. Find a fundraiser that you would like to help and click the ‘Pledge Now’ button to make your contribution.

Make this year’s Christmas a meaningful one and give back to someone in Australia during a medical emergency.

photo by: asenat29