Success Stories of Lyme Disease Treatment in Germany

Success Stories of Lyme Disease Treatment in Germany

Although there are lyme disease treatments available, patients require to pay ongoing costs and require to take a large number of drugs every month for the rest of their lives. Ask any patient and they will tell you that curing lyme disease once and for all is always be the preferred solution. But does it really work?

To this day lyme disease remains a disputed condition in the medical community. More so than ever, with the latest case studies emerging, Germany has become the country to seek a cure for lyme disease. Many believe the cure proclaimed in Germany needs further research and case studies, while others can’t believe it is not approved in Australia.

For lyme disease patients worldwide who are either unable to find the appropriate treatment in their home country or have to face financial obstacles in seeking the right treatment, traveling to Germany remains one of the top options currently available.

In this article, we dive into success stories of patients living with lyme disease and how their travels to Germany transformed their lives.

Michelle McKeon’s story

Among those who have recently made headlines in getting cured of their chronic condition is Ridgewood, New Jersey native, Michelle McKeon who decided to travel to Germany treating lyme disease once and for all. Her initial symptoms of the disease were relegated as those of a heat stroke. But they never went away. Instead Michelle reported feeling overwhelmed by temperatures any higher than 75 degrees, a constant pressure in her ears and suffering from migraines after exposure to any bright light or loud noise.

Her struggle to find an explainable diagnosis went on for four years during which she visited 54 physicians. “When you say you have lyme disease people don’t really take it seriously, so I kind of have to act like I’m okay, and I’m not. I’m really sick… and it’s really serious,” said McKeon.

Finally she decided to do some research on her own and with support based evidence found on the internet found out that a clinic in Germany performed special hyperthermia procedures not found in the United States. After having made arrangements to travel to St. Georg KIinik, the whole trip including hospital stay and airfare cost her almost $25,000.

Her treatment at the German hospital spanned twelve days during which she received two whole body hyperthermia sessions. Her sessions were paired with other therapies including chelation therapy, building up the immune system and various infusions to kill the bacteria. The treatment included a ten day detoxification program that is needed for successful recovery.

Now Michelle is back after her treatment and feels better than she has in years. She reports feeling improvements every day and can actually feel that she is getting better. Bur given the fact that the diseases had progressed so far in her system, she has had to follow a much stricter post treatment regimen than other individuals with lyme disease.
Michelle is now a wellness coach and an educator specializing in detoxification and hyperthermia treatment among other things.

Kate Wood’s story

Kate Wood, like many other Australians faced the dilemma of the lyme disease controversy as the condition is still nor recognized in Australia. This makes it very difficult to receive a timely diagnosis and subsequent treatment for many individuals.

Being bitten by an infected bug at the age of 17, Kate started experiencing flu like symptoms which were followed by periods of extreme fatigue, migraines, swollen joints and even heart palpitations. And despite repeated visits to doctors, she never got a lyme disease diagnosis.

Then in 2012, the chiropractor from Church Point was bitten by a second tick and experienced extreme symptoms like her hair falling out, suffering from brain fog and deteriorating eyesight. At this stage Mrs. Wood had some bloodwork done for lyme disease and was tested positive.

The following year Mrs. Wood and her husband travelled to Germany for treatment where the trip including air fare and accommodation cost them about $78,000. The intensive lyme disease treatment involved whole body hyperthermia therapy under anesthesia with the aim to kill the bacteria the high heat. Mrs. Wood now feels one hundred percent recovered and is expecting her first child.

Since her treatment Mrs. Wood reports not having a single cold, but concludes by saying, “I feel I’ve been robbed of the best years of my life.”

Rebecca Vary and Maddie Bridgman’s stories

Rebecca Vary had been suffering from health issues for 26 years but it was only last year when the 43 year old business owner from Perth, Australia was diagnosed with lyme disease.

Over time she had suffered from vague, reappearing and disappearing symptoms that left her completely fatigued and unable to leave her bed or room. Her deteriorating health left her unable to walk or speak for long periods of time. In the absence of a formal diagnosis, Ms. Vary was told that her pain was all in her head.

Likewise Maddie Bridgman from North Sydney was also repeatedly turned away by doctors who stood firm in the opinion that her inability to walk and accompanying seizures were due to a psychological problem. ‘The top neurologist in Sydney said “it’s all in your head, go away”,’ her husband, Dean Bridgman said. Many other sufferers like Mrs. Bridgman are often referred to psychologists as the government in Australia does not recognize that the infectious disease can be caught in Australia.

It was only in the May of last year that Mrs. Bridgman’s blood sample were sent to the US and came back testing positive for lyme disease.

Both women travelled to Germany to St. Georg Klinik where they also received hyperthermia treatment for their respective conditions.

As a result Mrs. Bridgman, after spending $55,000 on her therapy is now able to walk again. Ms. Vary also noticed huge improvements in her conditions after undergoing multiple treatments in two different German clinics and then a separate one in Indonesia. “I can stand up in a queue in a supermarket now” she says. It was something she had not been able to do before she went to Germany she added. “I hadn’t had an appetite for more than 10 years- that has returned,” Ms. Vary adds.

“My ability to dream has come back” says Ms. Vary. “I have no more heart problems, there’s no pain in my fingers and hands or sensation of skin crawling, I even look better.” Ms. Vary goes on to add.

Many other patients also decided to undergo the effective lyme disease treatment offered in various German hospitals despite the heavy financial costs incurred in the travel and accommodation arrangements.

Whether you believe the treatment works or not, these examples of patients who have had success in Germany provide a testament to the lyme disease treatment available. Before treating lyme disease in Germany, it is best to seek professional and medical advice from your health profession or doctor. Further research would also assist in understanding whether this treatment is ideal for your situation.


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