Using Fundraising as a Tool to Help Cover Medical Bills

Using Fundraising as a Tool to Help Cover Medical Bills

During Men’s Health Week, we’ve spoken a lot about the different types of diseases that affect males more than females in Australia.

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Today we wanted to shed light on how using fundraising as a tool to cover medical bills can be a great way for individuals to be proactive in taking action towards a better future for their family. Regardless of whether you are male or female, seeing new hope in a situation that can seem to be filled with endless problems and stress, can be difficult.

The Problem

When a loved one falls it, it can be an devastating and emotional experience. Families can fall apart from the stress of the financial burden, communication between partners can get harder and children can feel left out in the process. Taking responsibility of the care of your family can be difficult if you are ill or sick or if your partner falls ill as you may feel like you are on your own.

Often when you are diagnosed with an illness, disease or disability, you will have to take time off work which may result into loss of income. You will need to cover immediate costs relating to treatment and/or recovery, depending on the type of illness, this can take months to several years. Family members can often feel frustrated and helpless in this situation.

Choosing To Fundraise Or Not To Fundraise

We understand how hard it can be to ask for help- particularly when it comes to taking care of your family.

One of the biggest problems for families when considering to fundraise is the awkward feeling of taking money from family or friends. You may feel embarrassed, guilty or too proud to ask for help.

It is not easy to ask for help from friends and family members, nor is it easy to ask for help from strangers. However, if you are considering to fundraise to cover medical bills, it is important to think about how much of a positive impact it can make in your life and your family’s life. What is the goal of you fundraising? And is this impact worth it?

For your family and friends, they may want to genuinely help but don’t know how, particularly if it is a medical crisis that your family is dealing with. Creating a Pledge Page can help you give them an avenue to help your family that will make the most impact. By creating an online fundraising page, it also means that you are not aggressively asking for money but leaving it open for your peers to decide whether they want to support you by making a donation.

How Fundraising Can Help

Fundraising is a great tool for families as it gives a proactive way to solve a problem. Instead of blaming each other or feeling frustrated with the situation, family members can take responsibility and ask for support.

By fundraising for your loved one in need, it provides you with an opportunity to change and improve the quality of life not only for the individual who is ill, but for the immediate family members as well. It can give you a boost of support and hope that can help your family to get through any new challenges ahead.

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