What is the cost of leukaemia for Australian patients?

What is the cost of leukaemia for Australian patients?

When a person is diagnosed with leukaemia in Australia, it comes with potentially high treatment costs for the patient and their family. The estimated treatment of leukaemia cost according to the Australian government studies and research for leukaemia is approximately $51,000 per patient. This experience can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, not only in regards to the medical condition of the patient, but also in relation to their financial situation. The financial burden on leukaemia patients can be especially hard for Australian who do not have health insurance, leading to the need of leukaemia financial assistance.

The biggest cost for leukaemia patients is the treatment that they have to undergo. For instance, the most effective and recommended treatments include, but are not limited to, chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation, which are quite expensive. According to estimates brought forth by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the most expensive treatments for patients in the period ranging from 2000 to 2001 were leukaemia treatments.

Compared to brain cancer treatment, which is approximately forty one thousand dollars, leukaemia treatment proves to be extremely expensive at about fifty one thousand dollars per individual case. In the period from 2000-2001, the overall Australian cost of leukaemia was approximately $2.15 billion. According to these estimates, about 90% of cancer expenditure was tailored to treatments including leukaemia treatment.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Summary Measure Unit, there has been a general increase in cancer treatment costs, creating about a 17% increase for cancer cases. This increase is associated with increasing population growth and aging of the population.

To understand what is happening to patients of leukaemia in Australia, one needs to understand as well as appreciate how such people feel in the face of a stressful situation that is beyond control. This is the time when individuals have to survive as well as cope with the countless demands of the disease. To begin with, an Australian suffering from leukaemia is bound to face decreased or loss of income. This happens not only when the patient is diagnosed and may no longer be able to work, but also can result when a family member stops working in order to take care of the leukaemia patient.

In addition, as far as leukaemia diagnosis and leukaemia costs are concerned, there may be a considerable amount of money required upfront. This is in fact a bigger challenge to a leukaemia patient with moderate or low income, especially if they do not have a large amount of savings at their disposal.

Leukaemia treatment options are expensive in Australia, however, people suffering from leukaemia can seek leukaemia financial assistance options that are available. Some of the options available may come from medicare and other government assistance programs, charitable programs as well as medical fundraising.


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