Brave Girl Erin’s Fight Against Brain Cancer

Brave Girl Erin’s Fight Against Brain Cancer

hopeCancer can affect anyone in Australia, both young and old.

When cancer affects a child, however, it can be very difficult for the family, especially for the parents. Australian families that are impacted by a loved one with cancer often have to be optimistic, and try to do something proactive and positive in order to inpsire courage and hope for the child.

This optimism is certainly evident with the Griffith family in the Adelaide Now article entitled: “Brave Erin’s inspirational battle against cancer“.

Erin’s mother, Amanda, has been a huge support to her daughter throughout the process. It was actually Amanda who sought a diagnosis for Erin’s constant vomiting and headaches from February last year. The doctors diagnosed the cause to be a brain tumour. However, it was only in the most recent month of September that doctors found that she specifically had a type of cancer that could not be operated on because it grows in the stem of the brain, known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

Although Erin Griffith, was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour about a year ago, aged just 11, her and her family are eager to raise funds and awareness to find a cure for childhood cancer.

photo by: pol sifter