Covering Costs for Long Term Brain Injury in Australia

Covering Costs for Long Term Brain Injury in Australia

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Suffering from a long term brain injury can mean for Australian families more hardship than normal. Australians will require to cover a range of long term costs to ensure a good well-being for their loved one. Below are a few common examples of some of the costs that Australian families both in metro and rural locations will have to consider and cover.

What Are The Medical Expenses And Bills That Australians With A Brain Injury Need To Cover?

Equipment and modifications- to vehicles and homes for example are required to help manage disability and to assist with everyday living and transportation. It is also vital to avoid medical complications, and provide home assistance or ventilation.

Long term care costs- this medical expense is one of the most expensive costs for Australian families. These are incurred to provide services to people with a long term brain injury or traumatic brain injury that would not be required in the absence of the injury. For example, assisted accommodation, respite care, personal assistance, supported community services and living expenses.

Productivity losses- Occurs when an individual is dismissed from work or cannot find employment due to their current condition. Australians with a traumatic brain injury often work fewer hours because of their condition, or because they die prematurely as a result of their condition. Productivity losses also include absenteeism from work because of their condition.

Rehabilitation, therapy and treatment- the recovery from a brain injury can be complex and can be a long term decision for many families. Individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury have various options that can help with regaining mobility, movement, memory loss and other vital parts of one’s well-being.

Other costs- These include the cost of aids and equipment, patient travel costs and other financial costs not captured elsewhere. It also accounts for unexpected costs or emergencies that occur during the course of life.

How Can Families Cover Medical Bills?

Families who are interested in finding options for financial support can find help in a range of places. Firstly, there are government support services such as Centrelink that can assist you with a disability pension, carer payments and other allowances that may be applicable to your current situation.

In addition to this, you may also find support from local charities that can assist you with providing the right services to improve the life of your loved one with a brain injury.

You can also try an online fundraising platform called PeoplePledge, which helps to setup and manage fundraising pages that can help cover any related costs to a loved one’s or your brain injury.