Financial Assistance for Australian Cancer Patients

Financial Assistance for Australian Cancer Patients

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Do you know someone with cancer or are you going through chemotherapy at the moment? There are financial assistance support services in Australia that are aimed to helping Australians and their families to cover any expenses related to or during their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Getting financial assistance is important to help your family through this tough time. If you are parent or carer, you may have difficulties surviving on one income during the time you or your partner seeks treatment and throughout the recovery process. If you live remotely, you also might find it difficult to travel back and forth for treatment. Having funds to cover unexpected expenses and medical bills can minimise the stress and burden on your loved ones.

What Are The Available Services For Financial Support?

Australian cancer patients can benefit from the government schemes available for those with chronic illnesses or diseases that can impact on an individual’s ability to seek employment. If you are a full-time carer as a result of your loved one being ill, you may request for an allowance that can help cover living costs. Also, is you are unable to work or continue your current employment, there are also available options for you.

The best way to find out more information about these available services is to contact your nearest centrelink office. They will be able to direct you to what services may be best suited for your needs and whether you fit into the criteria for an allowance.

Other useful services include speaking to your nearest financial assistance hotline or going to a charity of organization that assists cancer patients.

If you are located in the rural or remote areas of Australia, you can try contacting Can Assist for example, an Australian organization that provides financial assistance to cancer patients in the country.

Cancer Council can also assist in connecting you with the right services to help with transport and accommodation needs for cancer patients in Australia.

For financial assistance to cover household bills and other costs that continue to pile up during the course of treatment and throughout the recovery process, Australians can use an online fundraising website called PeoplePledge. It is an Australian website that allows Australians to setup and fundraise for a family member or loved one that has a medical illness, disease or disability. This includes, cancer patients looking to ease the financial burden for their family. It is a good option for Australian families who are looking to cover the gap fees associated with Medicare, insurance cover or private health care.