Financial Assistance Options for Breast Cancer Patients in Australia

Financial Assistance Options for Breast Cancer Patients in Australia

Breast Cancer Awareness

In 2009, according to The government website, Cancer Australia, breast cancer was the most common form of cancer in women. Today, 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with cancer. It still remains one of the most common forms of cancer.

Breast cancer patients in Australia can experience financial strain throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery. For families who are doing it tough, it can be a great idea to reach out for support.

How Centrelink Can Assist Australians With Breast Cancer

Centrelink offer a large range of payments and services that can help Australians who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. These in particular are only for individuals who can prove that they are in financial strain as a result from a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Australians who have been diagnosed with breast cancer for example, can request a sickness allowance. This is for individuals who are unable to work and meet certain age and income criteria.

There are also disability support pension allowances that you may be eligible for as well as health care cards that can assist to provide you with discounts or subsided costs to purchase medicines, for bulk-billing at appointments and refunds through the Medicare system.

The first step to overcome when you are thinking of applying for centrelink benefits, is to contact your nearest office and make a request or intent to claim. This will then start you on the process to getting the help you require. During this time, you will be require to attend an appointment either in person at your office or over the phone, depending on your current location and circumstances. You will also require to bring proof of your diagnosis and treatment, as well as documents for identification.

How PeoplePledge Can Assist Australians With Breast Cancer

Unfortunately for many charities and Australian organisations do not offer financial assistance. They do however provide individuals with emotional support or other support services. If you are looking for other ways to cover costs, you might want to research more about fundraising online.

Australian families who are wanting to cover costs that are medical related or that are due to having breast cancer, can start a fundraiser through PeoplePledge. PeoplePledge is an Australian website that offers families the opportunity to raise funds from friends and family.

In doing so, you will be allowing your loved ones to support you through this tough time, but also show them the best way they can help. Another benefit of fundraising online is that you will be able to determine how the funds will be best used for your circumstance. This may mean covering for unexpected costs for better medical treatment, or covering household bills so your family can spend more quality time together.

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